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    Energy Healing Sessions

    In-Person Energy Healing Session - $150

    This session normally lasts between 60-90 minutes and includes a detailed conversation at the outset, where the client can share their recent or ongoing challenges and problems, personal struggles or suspected energy blockages. The second half of the session involves energy clearing, where the client lies on a comfortable table in a relaxed state, while I perform the work. Light background music is carefully selected and played to enhance the effect of the session. I work on each client in a comfortable, respectful, and non-invasive manner. Physical limitations and disabilities can easily be accommodated.


    If you are interested in an "In-Person Energy Healing Session," contact me.


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    Distance Energy Healing Session - $125

    This session usually entails a 45-60 minute phone call, FaceTime, or Zoom video call with the client, during which the client can share their recent or ongoing challenges and problems, personal struggles or suspected energy blockages. The second half of the session is performed “at a distance.” For this portion of the session, I will perform the energy clearing from my location. During this time, there will be no communication with the client. At the conclusion of the session, I will email the client to indicate that the session has ended. Clients that are unable to travel to the Los Angeles area should consider this option. Some clients prefer to experience energy healing in person; however, there is no difference in outcome or success of the work.


    If you are interested in a "Distance Energy Healing Session," contact me.


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    Location: All individual in-person services are provided in a professional office in the Santa Monica area. In certain exceptional cases, individual in-home sessions can be scheduled. Pricing for in-home sessions may vary.


    Cancellation Policy: Appointments that are cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice will result in the full fee being charged.


    Privacy/Confidentiality Policy: All of your information and our interactions are kept private and strictly confidential.


    Disclaimer: All Energy Healing sessions are intended as a supplement, not a substitute, for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Raymond Salas is not engaged in rendering professional medical services. If expert medical assistance is required, please seek the services of a competent medical professional. The results and healing time required varies from individual to individual.

  • Testimonials

    Here's what my clients say:

    Becky S.

    "Profound Healing Energy!"


    “Raymond is an instrument of profound healing energy. His compassion knows no bounds, and he will approach any problem — no matter the size — with the intention of a loving, bountiful outcome.


    He has worked miracles in my life and the lives of my friends. Distance is no matter to Raymond. He can focus his energies on your obstacles or problems wherever you are, in front of him or anywhere else.


    Trust Raymond with what’s troubling you and watch your life change.”

    Cynthia E.



    "Raymond’s gifts as an energy healer and guide are truly magical, and working with him has been a wonderful, transformational experience.

    I’ve also referred friends and family, who were helped by Raymond.


    I first met with Raymond in LA, and we continued sessions after I moved to North Carolina. Whether in person or by phone, I always notice the impact of energy shifting immediately, and continue to experience further positive shifts as weeks go by. At times, it can feel like he literally removes the weight of the world. If I’m feeling 'off' he returns me back to the place where I can live happily and do my best work.


    Raymond is the real thing, and he’s one of the best human beings I’ve ever met. His personal integrity is an inspiration and his perception and humor are a delight to be around."

    Brandie B.

    "Immediate Relief!"


    “I am truly blessed to have even just crossed paths with Raymond. He is simply amazing in more ways than I could possible express here. I used to suffer from frequent migraines but after a couple of healing sessions with Raymond (which resulted in immediate relief), I can’t even remember the last time I had a migraine. I have often referred friends and family to Raymond for everything from depression to back injuries. Although the stories could go on and on, they have all reported similar experiences to mine…immense and immediate relief. I simply cannot express how grateful I am for Raymond and his unique abilities. Thanks Raymond!”

    Missi S.

    "Experienced Miracles!"


    “All I can say is the moment I met with Ray, my life changed tremendously and for the better. He helped me realize that my physical pain was deeper; it stemmed from emotional and mental pain from the past. He helped me release it and my journey began. Things started to happen. I became more calm, more in tune with my emotions and the people/situations around me…I’m still experiencing miracles today.


    It’s hard to describe what Ray does. But what I do know is that he helped me change my outlook in life and helped me live my life to the fullest. He heals, he cares, and he is an angel sent from above. Thank you for everything Ray. I can finally say that I love my life.”

    Jessica W.



    “This was the most amazing healing experience I’ve ever had. Thanks Raymond for being a spiritual coach and guide. I’m amazed by your abilities and gifts!”

    Sharon O.

    "Transformational Healing!"


    “Raymond Salas is one of the most genuine and talented healers it has been my pleasure to meet. His work carries the upmost integrity coupled with amazing transformational healing qualities that get to the core of your issues.”

    J. W.


    "I always leave my sessions with Raymond with new tools and tips, and most importantly, a sense of peace. But...today’s session was next level! As always, I came with questions and concerns to discuss. The answers and insights...were startling, unexpectedly profound, and ultimately life-changing. Raymond is truly a gem and a gift to his clients."

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  • FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are answers to frequently asked questions about my Energy Healing work:


    How did I get started in all of this?


    I discovered my gift for intuition and healing quite accidentally after meeting with a group of ancient Eastern healers in 1991. At the time, I had no intention of becoming a professional Energy Healer and was enjoying success in music and non-profit work.


    After meeting with these healers however, I began to practice and develop my own energy healing and clearing techniques. I immediately had success working with a variety of physical ailments and emotional challenges. With this, my faith in energy healing work was reinforced and my life's new direction was revealed.


    As I continued to work with an increasing number of clients, soon doctors, chiropractors, psychologists, and therapists began to hear about the success of my energy healing work and seek me out for assistance with their patients, families, and themselves.



    How does Energy Healing actually work?


    As an Energy Healer, I intuitively get to the root cause of what’s blocking growth, healing, and movement in a person’s life, and I clear that blockage. I help people clear the energetic patterns that no longer serve them.


    When I’m working with a client, sometimes I see things, like images or symbols. Or I hear things, like guidance from the client’s guides or even angels. Other times, I energetically “read” things.


    Whenever I connect with a person’s energy, I can help find answers for them, whether they’re in person or a long distance away.



    What can be helped with Energy Healing?


    I work with a wide range of people seeking resolution for a health issue; solutions for job, work or business dilemmas; strategies for finding and maintaining happy relationships (romantic, family, work, business, etc.); and even direction toward finding their life’s purpose. Energy Healing can help anyone with a desire to get more out of their life.


    I see people with health challenges who have already run through the gamut of doctors and specialists, but still have no answers. Sometimes I can detect specific ailments when I work on someone; other times it’s just a generic sense of poor health or imbalance. Either way, I can help a client release the blockages that are contributing to the physical problem and help them activate their innate healing ability.


    Working with the mind-body-spirit connection, I have found that many physical health problems are the result of unresolved mental, emotional and spiritual issues. Those are always addressed in Energy Healing.


    There are a multitude of other problems — from financial trouble to relationship issues — that can show up in a person’s life because of blocked energy. I help clear those blockages and teach people how to remain clear.


    Clients have experienced a number of beneficial results and positive outcomes from my Energy Healing work including:

    • Physical healings
    • Stress relief
    • Improvement in family, work, relationship and other personal issues
    • Removal of limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behavior
    • Discovery of one’s calling or life purpose
    • Attracting the ideal job, work or partner
    • Greater business results and job success
    • Release from trauma
    • Improved feelings of well-being
    • A general sense of greater happiness, peace of mind and overall fulfillment in life.

    I have worked with many individuals who’ve been in therapy for years, but unable to resolve certain issues. In fact, I personally work with psychologists, therapists, and other healers who refer clients directly to me or who’ve decided to use my services for themselves after seeing their clients have great success.


    Who is the ideal client?

    The ideal client is:

    • Someone who values personal development and is open to different healing modalities.
    • Someone willing to make the effort it takes to achieve the results they desire.
    • Anyone in search of something greater, who wants to connect with their inner power, transform limiting belief systems, stop self-sabotage, cultivate their innate talents and develop their intuition.


    What is the process of Energy Healing like?


    The process of Energy Healing is different for each person. Almost all sessions include a conversation about the person’s primary challenges, issues, and concerns. Typically, this looks a lot like traditional therapy or one-on-one coaching, but with an entirely different objective.


    During this part of the session, I’m sensing and intuitively “downloading” information about this person — information that goes beyond what they’re actually saying. I do this to determine what may be causing problems or a lack of growth and healing in their life from an energetic perspective.


    Often, I give the client immediate tools or guidance for handling their situation or challenge. Other times, I send a follow-up email with key and useful information from our session. I usually get an intuitive “hit” on which resources are right for each client.


    The second part of the session is the actual energy clearing, which is explained further in the "Services" section above.



    What happens after an Energy Healing session?


    Typically, a lot of movement and clearing occurs after one session. Some people have blockages that are keeping the greater good from coming into their life. When those blocks are cleared, they begin to experience more of those good things. As a result, I often see clients have major shifts in multiple areas of their life – health, relationships, work, etc. – almost immediately!


    Once cleared, most clients have a strong desire to remain clear. Therefore, follow-up sessions are encouraged to maintain balance and clear the energy that gets blocked from the normal life challenges and daily stresses of modern living.


    Although unconventional, I have found Energy Healing to be very effective for my clients. I am continuously in awe of what it can do and how it can help. This work never ceases to amaze me.



    I am truly grateful and honored for the opportunity to share this profound gift.